Wicomico County is poised to reap the benefits of extraordinary growth and progress in the coming years. A renaissance that combines education, economic opportunity, the rebirth of arts and culture, that is combined with partnerships in faith, kindness, and charity, requires an experienced hand to work with these many different perspectives to build upon the foundations of our community. In the race for Wicomico County Executive only one candidate has the experience and vision to bring all these elements together, Salisbury City Council Vice-President Muir Boda.

Over the past seven years Muir Boda has served as an integral part of the City of Salisbury’s generational rebirth along with Mayor Jacob Day and the Salisbury City Council by moving Salisbury forward towards record cultural, economic, and residential growth. Muir will bring not only his experience as a leader in the City of Salisbury but over twenty-eight years of business management and leadership experience in complex, high volume retail stores. This experience and track record of success is what Wicomico County needs now.